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How It Works

Once we set up your account, the only information you’ll need to give us is the check-in and check-out dates of your guests! This can be done via a quick email or phone call which ever you prefer.

We provide the sheets and towels for the maximum occupancy of your unit every time; by keeping the product and the cost the same for every visit despite the length of stay, you can simply roll the price into the cost to rent your unit.

With the key or door code that you provide us, we leave the bags of fresh linen right inside the front door; this ensures that your items are safe from extreme weather and/or sticky fingers!

We keep a credit card on file with our secure third-party payment service, Square, and we bill the card weekly for your rental needs.  All you need to do is email us check-in and check-out dates, and we’ll take care of the rest!

What We Require 
  • Maximum Occupancy orders every order

  • Key or door code

  • A credit card on file

More Information

In order to take advantage of the reduced prices offered to our Owner Accounts, you must commit to a maximum occupancy order for every order. This means that if your unit has 2 Queen beds and sleeps 4, your unit would get 2 Queen sheet sets and 4 towel sets every order.

Having access to your unit via a key or a door code ensures that the items stay safe and dry until your guests arrive. It also prevents the items from getting locked-in during check-out, causing us to call you for access anyway! Only people of the highest integrity have access to your home when we make our deliveries; EZ Beach Rentals employs a trustworthy crew of individuals whose resumes include retired police officers, a US Marshall, and a private detective!

We keep your credit card information on file using the secure third-party payment service. You will be billed after the check-in date of your current guest, and Square will send you an email that you have been billed. We bill weekly, and will not provide the option of monthly billing for the 2020 season.

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